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Jules Massenet composed an opera based on her story, and a film named Cleopatra was made by Joseph L. Treasure of the Pyramids. Here's what to expect when you visit a recommended casino online: The first spin has the standard pay-outs, this then increases by 1 for every subsequent spin. Online gambling sites make playing simple. The Scatter symbol is represented by the famous Egyptian landmark, the Sphinx and if three or more of this symbol appears on the reels, it will activate the bonus free spin round which includes 15 free spins. Games based on the legendary Egyptian queen have been around since the days of mechanical 3 reel slots.

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The new ones being released, though, are amazing -so bright and vibrant! Two Sphinx symbols gives an instant scatter reward, however, if you get three Sphinx symbols anywhere on the screen initiates the free spin bonus where you get 15 free spins and the big money jackpots can be won. The Cleopatra slot machine also has some interesting voice-overs as you play, with the woman herself encouraging the player, wishing luck along the way. The scatter pay bonus is triggered when you get three sphinx symbols up anywhere on the screen, whilst the Cleopatra slots bonus is set off when three symbols in a row.

In Great Britain, where slots are often called fruit machines, fruities or one armed bandits, Cleopatra is one of the most popular games. For a list of good UK casinos with this game, see our UK online casinos section.

With their second version of Cleopatra slots, IGT somehow managed to improve on the original formula and produce a game that is both beautiful and has new features that add to the excitement. My favorite feature is the free spin bonus, where you can win up to 50 free spins. With each spin, the multiplier goes up by one. If you hit 50 free spins, your final spin will pay 50x, so you could win a massive amount. As well as the second version of Cleopatra, IGT have also, more recently, introduced new versions of the original.

The only real difference with these newer games is the fact that the screens and the graphics and the speakers have been updated, but it is quite amazing to hear and feel what a difference these small things make to the game and how great it is to play still, once the experience has been updated.

Cleopatra slots is also available online in Canada for real money - see our list of Canadian online casinos to find the best casino to play. Cleopatra is also hugely prominent in the casinos in Australia and New Zealand. Over there, though, these games tend to be referred to as pokies rather than slots, but they are identical in every other way. Cleopatra was a beautiful Egyptian ruler and the last Pharaoh of Egypt who reigned over the country between 51 and 30 BC.

She was known as a highly powerful ruler who could control the greatest of kings with her beauty and sexuality. Cleopatra was a part of the Ptolemaic Dynasty, which only spoke Greek rather than Egyptian.

Cleopatra however, was perhaps the only member of that dynasty to have learnt and spoken Egyptian in her court. She ruled her country with her father and then her brothers, but after their demise, ruled the country single-handedly. To maintain her solid grip on the throne, she even formed a liaison with Julius Caesar of Rome and had a son with him by name Caesarion, who later ruled over Egypt for a brief period. Cleopatra and mark Antony both killed themselves after losing a battle to Octavian.

Cleopatra is a legend in her own right and she had been influential on the western regions in her own way. This will happen when you manage to get any of the symbols lined up on an active payline. It should also be mentioned that, before you spin, you should turn your sound down slightly. This is because this game has incredibly loud sound effects, that might come as a bit of a shock! This might put some people off, but others will be glad to see a slot that concentrates on the basics, instead of on the added extras.

This is because the logo is the wild symbol, and can therefore replace other symbols on the reels to create winning combinations. The only bonus at this slot comes in the form of free spins, and these are activated by getting three or more of the sphinx symbol scattered anywhere on the reels.

It should also be mentioned that there is now a new version of Cleopatra found at online casinos. It is almost identical to this one, aside from one large fact: Of course, playing for the progressive jackpot does mean large bets though, so only a few will have the required finances. So, regardless of the version of Cleopatra you choose, you should really enjoy playing this slot.

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