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My husband had to go back to the kitchen to get the sauce that was supposed be on my sandwich and napkins and silverware after waiting another 10 mins after asking. ST Louis games Have you tried Ameriastar in St Charles double deck decent penatration dd any two cards double after splits split aves once. Let's start with the hotel. Don't let them fool you about loose slots. No, it's Lumiere's location that attracts the bad crowd.

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Slick , Sep 4, Casino queen east st louis looks like my best chance for anything in the future if I just wanted to try out to gain practice.

Penetration looks bad but everything else seems ok. Only place that stands on soft Slick , Sep 7, If you can find a game with good penetration but H17 then I'd go with that over a game with bad penetration and S Deathclutch , Sep 7, ST Louis games Have you tried Ameriastar in St Charles double deck decent penatration dd any two cards double after splits split aves once.

Rosty2 , Sep 8, MetroLink light-rail station at doorstep. Try an online casino for FREE. We have over 15 No Deposit Bonus Codes. No credit card needed, just sign up and start playing! I show up occasionally i play the blackjack games and my wife plays video poker machines it's always a great time win lose or draw. The staff is well friendly and they're always there to help. I am glad they are very professional. Been a CQ customer for years. Buffet is below average as is steakhouse but Sevens club has real good food deals.

Clean breathing compared to Missouri cough, cough casinos. On the Mississippi River across from St Louis, it's nice to be shipboard and watch the river roll by. Relatively easy to drive to from St. Louis and the area around the casino is safe with lots of parking and security. Buffet is fair and environment is relaxed. It's good entertainment for the locals.

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