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All cards are given a value which is either equal to the number on the card, 10 for face cards, and 11 for Aces. The players cards will be face up, whereas the dealer only has one card face up. Multi-Player Blackjack does not require multiple participants. The goal of blackjack is to get as close to 21 without going over. New Jersey Online Blackjack.

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Jacks, queens and kings are worth 10 points. An ace may be used as either a 1 or 11, whichever benefits the hand the most. The deal starts with the player and dealer receiving two cards. The dealer receives one card up and one down. The first step involves the dealer checking for a blackjack. This only occurs if the dealer is showing an ace or a ten-value card.

If the door card is a ten-value card, the dealer will peek to see if there is an ace in the hole. If the dealer has an ace, the hand ends immediately. The player loses unless he also has blackjack. The player and dealer having blackjack in the same hand results in a push. If the dealer is showing an ace, he will ask for insurance. Players may bet half of their wager to insure the entire amount. If the dealer has blackjack, the insurance pays This creates a push. If the dealer does not have blackjack, the insurance bet loses and the hand continues as normal.

Insurance has a house edge of 6. European Blackjack does not deal the hole card until after the player has acted. This means that the hand will play out before insurance is paid. A player dealt an ace and a ten-value card is paid If the player and dealer both have blackjack then the hand is a push.

A player satisfied with his point total may stand at any time. No more cards are drawn. A player that wants to draw a card hits. Players can hit until they choose to stand or go over A player may double his bet and take just one card.

This can only be done on the first two cards dealt. The player must keep the dealt card and may not draw any other cards. A player dealt a pair may split the two cards into two separate hands. This requires double the original bet.

Most games allow players to double down after splitting. Aces may only receive one card on each. An ace and a face in a split hand are 21, but not a blackjack. Operating since under the original name Starluck Casino , Party Casino is an industry leader and opened business to NJ residents in March They have a decent cashback scheme for loyal members although it is only 0. Powered by Evolution Gaming, Party Casino offers the best live blackjack experience possible and have tables available at all times.

Their live blackjack tables include:. The internet is littered with many online casinos of varying reputations and services so we wanted to provide an honest list of recommendations based on the following criteria:.

If you reside in New Jersey, make sure that you play at an online casino that has been legally sanctioned and licensed by the Division of Gaming Enforcement DGE. There many online casinos that are not officially licensed and are flat out scams looking to pilfer your money and identity. We ensure that any New Jersey casino listed on BJI is licensed and approved to legally allow for online blackjack.

At the moment, all New Jersey online casinos have at least one Online Blackjack game type via their mobile application. However, some NJ online casinos have more mobile Blackjack options than others depending on how popular the game types are on the main client. The house edge tends to be the same on mobile Blackjack games at under one percent.

The rules are also standard to Classic Blackjack, which typically do not offer the option for surrender but do allow you to split and double down on 9,10, and Blackjack is a completely legal online table game in the state of New Jersey. The regulations include abiding to fair play laws, which is why the online table game boasts such a low house edge.

The Internet gaming laws allow New Jersey to share player pools with Nevada and Delaware, bringing the opportunity for even more future game types and available Online Blackjack tables. With so many players in New Jersey still playing Blackjack on offshore online casinos, they should know that not only is it against the law, but they risk having their financial and personal information stolen as well as the chance of not properly receiving their winnings.

The online casino options in New Jersey prove to be a much more secure and fair option when playing Online Blackjack. Online Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the top choices to play on any of the legal online casinos in New Jersey. The popular table game has little differences when playing online compared to live versions and there is even a live game types to join.

Although the game still depends on luck for an overall winning outcome, skill still plays a major role in giving yourself the best chance to win. We suggest learning Basic Strategy as well as trying a few different game types in order to find the right Online Blackjack variation for you. Before choosing an NJ casino to play Online Blackjack, be sure to review the rules, house edge, and bonuses that you can use to your advantage.

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