Can I Put All of My Bonus in My 401(k) to Avoid Taxes?

You can also use your bonus in other ways that will get you a tax deduction. Supplemental pay such as bonuses is generally subject to a higher withholding rate than ordinary pay. If a bonus is large enough, it can ultimately be taxed at a higher rate when you file your return, since it can push your income into a higher marginal tax bracket. More Articles You'll Love. Generally, employers can either use a special bonus tax rate of 25 percent for withholding purposes or combine a bonus with an ordinary paycheck and then withhold tax using tax tables as if you were someone who received that large sum in every paycheck. How Much of a Salary Goes to Taxes? There is, however, a limit on how much you can put into a k in any one year, so this may not help entirely with very large bonuses.

Combining a Bonus and a 401k Contribution

Other Ways to Save Tax on a Bonus

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