If your highest card is a Queen and your second is higher than 6, continue to play and bet. November 10th, at 2: At each of these you can expect:. Jan 12, Threads: Both the dealer and the players are dealt three cards each.

3 Card Blackjack


He will be paid more if he has more than one Ace or an Ace and at least one ten or face card. One Ace and two tens pays Two Aces pays Two Aces and one Ten pays If the player is dealt three Aces, the payoff is Currenty there are no reviews for 3 Card Blackjack. Be the first one who will review it. We do our best to let you enjoy secure and popular games to win real money.

Receive weekly newsletter Our newsletter contains the latest no deposit bonus info and codes. Home Blackjack 3 Card Blackjack. About 3-Card Blackjack This game of blackjack is easy to play, does not require as much strategy and also offers a special bonus bet.

Rules of 3-Card Blackjack Instead of the usual two cards, you are dealt three in this variation. Suited three of a Kind: Three cards with the same rank, all of the same suit. For three cards to have the same rank, they must have the same number like three s or the same picture like three Queens. Three cards of consecutive rank of mixed suits.

Ace can be high Queen-King-Ace or low Ace Insurance Bets are offered when the Dealer's face up card is an Ace. Subsequent Dealer Blackjack will pay 2 to 1 on any Insurance Bet.

Dealer Blackjack beats all Player outcomes causing loss of all Player main bets. In these cases, I ate the loss. I obviously used it for almost all my stiff hand decisions, which helped immensely, and perhaps the best of all, whether to double.

If she had a stiff hand and I had any soft total up to 19 or hand 11 or under including 5 , I doubled. I also wouldn't double the usual hands like 10 if she had a strong total. I looked like a terrible, terrible player, it was pretty funny. I drew the line at hitting 15 and 16 vs a 5 or 6 when I knew she had a or an ace hole card. I stood in these cases, also in the interest of cover play. After I did this, I saw the wizard published a strategy, which was fairly similar to how I played without the cover.

If I had to choose the best balance of power and cover, I would tell anyone to follow it closely but ignore the advice to hit hard hands above 17 and certain stiff hands against a 5 or 6 and possibly 4. You can stand on whatever you want, that is never a problem. The advantage is still substantial using this cover.

Sadly, I returned to this casino on a later date, found the same dealer and discovered she no longer flashed her card. Must have gotten in trouble. Nov 8, Threads: November 9th, at 3:

3 Card Poker For Real Money