The Traditional Chinese Dice Game

Total of 4 or 17 — Payout odds of 50 to 1 Total of 5 or 16 — Payout odds of 18 to 1 Total of 6 or 15 — Payout odds of 14 to 1. What is the highest betting option? This bet typically has a really high payoff, given that the likelihood of it fulfilling is small. The game uses three dice and a table with a variety of betting options on the roll of those dice. When the results of the dice are revealed, several spots on the table will be termed winners.

Tips & Strategy

How to Play

Like Chuck-a-Luck, Sic Bo involves big numbers and small numbers with the winning wagers paying even money, 1: You will win when you choose big bet and the dice totals and lose when your total is 18 or between 3 and Betting small will see you win when your dice totals between 4 and 10 and lose when it totals 3 or between 11 and This is also a simple bet where you choose the outcome of the dice total to be either odd or even.

You will win an odd bet whenever the dice results add up to an odd number and lose if it is an even number, and the reverse is true for the even bets. This is one of the most popular bets in which you bet on the total number that will appear on the dice.

This bets comes with a really nice paytable, as listed below:. Total of 4 or Winning bets paid Winning bets paid 8: Winning bets paid 6: Take note that these are independent bets, and you, for instance either bet on 4 or 17, and not both. Of course, you can place a bet on both numbers by placing two separate bets on the table. You can also bet on any triple e. The payout on Sic Bo triple bets is Similar to triple bets, double bets predicts that at least two numbers will be similar like 22, 33, 44, etc.

When this happens, the payout is 8: You can bet on a single number appearing on a dice, and this of course runs from 1 to 6. In Vegas and on the Internet casinos, anything is possible. In fact, I have a whole page about playing sic bo online. Click on the image to see the rules on the next page. Following is a list of the bets available.

The payoffs vary on some bets, from casino to casino. For those bets, I indicate a range of viable payoffs. Please note that there is no universal acceptance on the titles of most bets. Other sources may use different terminology. The following list of bets can be found on any self-respecting sic bo game. It is followed by a list of some more uncommon bets. Total of 4 and 17 Pays Probability House Edge 50 1. Pays 18 to 1 in Macau, 30 to 1 in Atlantic City, and 31 to 1 in Australia.

Total of 5 and 16 Pays Probability House Edge 18 2. Pays 14 to 1 in Macau, 17 to 1 in Atlantic City, and 18 to 1 in Australia. Total of 6 and 15 Pays Probability House Edge 14 4. Total of 7 and 14 Pays Probability House Edge 10 6. Total of 8 and 13 Pays Probability House Edge 7 9. Total of 9 and 12 Pays Probability House Edge 6 Bet on any specific pair for example two 1's. Player wins if at least 2 of the number chosen appears. Pays 8 to 1 in Macau, 10 to 1 in Atlantic City, and 11 to 1 in Australia.

Player may bet on any specific trips for example three 1's. Player wins if all 3 dice match the number chosen. Pays to 1 in Macau and to 1 in Atlantic City. The house edge under the usual pay table is 7. Under the Australia rules it drops to 3. Internet casinos have a wide range of pays for matching three.

See my page on playing sic bo online for more on that. The player chooses a two-number combination, using two unique numbers.

This bet is called a "domino" because the area on the table felt for these bets look like dominoes. The bet pays 5 to 1 if the roll contains both numbers. For example a bet on would win on a rolls of , , , , , and Probability of winning is

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