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Friends are there for you every day. My email was correctly entered, as was theirs. Got a confirmation that it was sent. Thank you ecards with cats. I want to look through some cards in order to send them to my friends. Write a Review Ask a Question Share. Is there a catch as in yes the cards are free but we sell your address? Headquarters

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They have beautiful cards, but NOW they are selling email addresses, so even if you only send out ONE card, you'll be inundated with ecards from total strangers! Even if you 'uncheck' that phony Editor Bob"s he's an Indian, not an American, and should be deported "offers" box they'll still spam you with hundreds of junk messages a day. Sent my daughter a BD card. Got a confirmation that it was sent. She said she never got it.

Checked her spam and bulk. They sent another reminder saying she hadn't viewed it. When I complained that she never got it, CS said they had no record of anything sent from my email.

And yet, both reminders came to THAT email. These people are morons. By submitting email addresses to greetings. Expect they will do the same to your friends.

Use this service and get ready for High blood pressure and Diabetes pill spam! Read their policy statement before trusting them. Greeting Cards Love it!

I know this Awesome Website since , and still use it! In addition to that site below site is the best for greetings wishes and joke: I've written the Federal Trade Commission to ask that they shut this place down -- no more 'Editor Bob' offers!

Free online cards are really cool. They have wide range of collections. The site has helped me send cool cards to my near and dear ones round the year. Now they also have an app in Google play store as well as itunes. I used this site for years, and was happy, I recommended it to family and friends. I setup a XMAS card for delayed delivery to my friends and family.

Since I had only sent one card, and it should not have been sent yet I contacted one of the recipients. The tech support at told me they had done "rigorous testing" and found no problems, I still don't know if the real card will go out as scheduled. First they denied a problem, now they ignore it. I've used this website to send e-cards to my family and friends last Christmas ' Most of them received the cards. But next time I'll make it like personalized. The ones I chose was for environmental awareness.

I received one of their eCards electronic greeting cards in my inbox, from a friend. From there, this website entered me into their mailing list, and claim that I signed up for it, or "requested" to be part of it.

Use this website if you want your inbox, and the inbox of your friends to be filled with SPAM, and third party advertising.

My son's birthday is 2morrow and it was so easy to fill out the ecard and it has birthday music. When he receives it their is a email sent to me letting me know that. He is out of the country so sent it to his email. It is free for the ecard and you should take a look at the site it is real nice for sending ecards and music and it IS free. Try it you'll like it. Bye Bye Stuart S. I was using greetings for over a year for birthdays, holidays, cheer friends up.

The wesite would send me a notification of the card, and when the person recieved the card, the last several months I have not recieved a notification, people didn't get the card. My email was correctly entered, as was theirs. Several I had sent to previously and had no problem. When to send a thank you ecard?

Read more Thank You ecards You might only think about sending a thank you ecard after someone gives or sends you a gift. Thank someone for being helpful! We all need a little bit of help sometimes. Whether it is a friend, a family member, or just an acquaintance that helped you out, they deserve recognition.

Sending a thank you ecard lets them know that their gracious gesture, no matter how small, meant a lot to you. When someone gives you help, it is a great chance for you to show that you know how kind they have been and that you recognize their efforts.

Thank someone for being a good friend! Friends are there for you every day. In fact, sometimes they become as close as family. Maybe your friend was there for you during a difficult time. Or maybe you have been friends for so long that you could not possibly imagine your life without them.

There are so many reasons why your friends deserve a thank you ecard. Thank someone for a fun celebration! If a person in your life took the time to plan a celebration in your honor, then they deserve thanks. We have free funny animated thank you ecards so you can share a laugh as you reflect on the event. Thank someone for a special gift! Eid ul-Adha Eid ul-Adha is an auspicious occasion in the Islamic calendar. It is a day There is no such thing as a stupid question.

September Flowers September Celebrate September Flowers with your friends, family and all your loved Time for you to pamper your sweet tooth with as many Time to appreciate the contributions that older It is a day of celebration to promote the joy

When to send a thank you ecard?