An mmo made in java is not a Runescape clone it's a java game. Check out Albion Online. The game was released in November and as of went free to play so everyone can enjoy the experience. This is used for a registered author who enrolls in the HubPages Earnings program and requests to be paid via PayPal. The game keeps things simply by offering four different classes, but it contains enough room in them so that you and your friend can play the same class completely differently. It reminds me a bit of old school RuneScape.

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Play Games Like Runescape: A Great Collection of MMOs

Even though it's still so popular, I don't think Runescape got the recognition or praise it deserved A big reason why Runescape was so fun, was because of it's player base. Back in 05, 06, 07, 08, when the game was peaking Even if you take , online players, that's almost equivalent to the population of the first Call of Duty games, where I remember k players would be online at any time.

Runescape had a small world, and it was so much fun, that anywhere you went, there were people. Because even retarded mini-games were so much fun, simply because there were like other people playing it and joking around. Whether you went out questing in obscure areas, or went deep in a dungeon you'll find some romance going on between 'gf' and bf' lol. This is something insane to accomplish.

Literally every monster in runescape had a good purpose, and drops that could be used, or simply to train on for lower levels, etc.

Specially because of the 'slayer' skill. Not because of the mechanics purely, but because of the population and opportunities and the excitement and randomness and the customization. How many games are there that have ever had a PvP like Runscape? You could make so many things effective in PvP, it was literally up to you, to choose how you want to PvP or even train grind. I can go on and on The only thing that ruined it was when new Mods took over and started changing PvP and other shit.

So many people left the game after that. They changed PvP so much in like 2 years back and forth too. Not only that, but they revamped combat too. I honestly don't know why, i guess they wanted to compete with new games, but really, nobody gave a shit, we all loved Runescape for what it was.

The game was dying, so they brought back 'old school runescape' It had wayyyyy too many things to love about it, the lore, the PvP, the economy, the skilling, questing, all the events, And i still end up watching 'oldschool' RS videos, cuz it brings back so much nostalgia for me and good memories Albion doesn't hold a candle to RuneScape in my opinion.

Not much PVE, no questing. I do like Albion's graphic style though. Thats why I left it as a suggestion. I have found this awesome resource with a list of Games similar to runescape.. Skill based progression is what its called.

Modern mmos tend to use level based progression while skill based is more old school mmo. Hopefully, the titles mentioned in the list will be of your great interest.

The game was originally released as a Browser-based title but it now offers a non-browser version as well. RuneScape takes you back to the medieval Era and lets you explore the world of Gielinor. As the primary character, the game tasks you to explore, complete a number of Quests, fight off vicious monsters, and collect resources. If you are a diehard fan of MMORPG games like RuneScape and you want to try out some immersive titles with a similar experience, you should definitely play the games listed below.

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