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Free period tracker app, ovulation calculator and period calendar with reminders. Christmas Music Songs It will help you to keep all monitored and controlled. Flirt and meet dates. The app will use it to calculate ovulation. Chose the data you wish to share.

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blackjack switch calculator

It's done automatially and the complexity of the data analysis is hidden from the user, making the app simple to use yet very powerful. Simply track your start period day every month. After that the app calculates the menstrual cycle for you. Enter your morning body temperature for precise fertility tracking. The app will use it to calculate ovulation. See when you are more likely to conceive a boy or a girl.

Enter and track symptoms, moods, notes, weight, intimacy, ovulation tests, birth control pills, etc for any day. Chat with other Ladytimer app users.

Your period tracker data can be saved online and imported to any smartphone when needed. Never lose your calendar data when switching phones. LadyCloud synchronization does it all automatically for you. It's very easy to share your period calendar with your doctor or partner. Chose the data you wish to share. It will help you to keep all monitored and controlled.

Notes and Menstrual Cycle History - You do not need a diary, or a personal agenda on paper. Take this app everywhere and you will be able to add notes on each day about anything you want to emphasize: You can also follow your graphics and menstrual cycle history allowing you to see the regularity of your menstrual period. Yes, as you read it, an app with ovulation, menstruation and pregnancy calculator with calendar completely free and in English.

The Menstrual Calendar app is optimized and tested by professionals so the experience of use could be outstanding. If you had any problem, error or bug while using it, please write to grupoprecedo gmail. There are no limits!

Sure they will thank you ; This app is for guidance only and it should never replace the advice and indications of a medical professional. Please, if you have any doubt or problems, consult your gynecologist. Please, if you like this app, leave us your "feedback": It will help us a lot to keep growing. Thanks a lot and we hope you enjoy our app! Remind your next period, fertile days. The Best Free Horoscope App:

Determine your most fertile days and increase your chance of conceiving.